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28 / 08 / 12 - Malta - The best place to retire

As reported today by the Times of Malta, sunshine and the people’s fluency in English have propelled Malta to the number one spot in the list of top 10 places where British people should retire, according to the Yahoo! Finance website.


The site features a poster, entitled The Top Places To Go For Your Retirement, with Malta at the top of the list – followed by Portugal, Spain, Barbados, the US, Australia, Thailand, Jamaica, Morocco and Greece.


“With over 3,100 hours of sunshine a year, an average year-round temperature of 18.9°C and English as a first language for most people, it’s no surprise Brits flock to the Mediterranean archipelago, making Malta our top, all-round retirement destination” the site reads.


Yahoo! Finance came up with the list together with insurance company Castle Cover. They took into consideration everything from rainfall to crime rates, healthcare (availability and cost), tax, crime and how much homes cost to work out what the best options are.


The sum of all this got Malta named at the best place to escape Britain for a new life oversees – away from economic distress and rain of the British Isles.