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26 / 01 / 13 - E-Residence Document

As from 10th January 2013, the Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs introduced the new procedures for the E-Residence Document which will replace the previous ID Cards, EU Registration Certificates as well as the Non-EU Residence Permits issued in a sticker format.


Residence documents in the sticker format will remain valid until their expiry or until the 30th June 2013 which ever is the earlier. ID cards issued by the ID card office will remain valid until their expiry date or until 30th November 2013.


Third Country nationals will be photographed by officials of the Department and for biometric data (two index fingers) of the applicant will be captured. Applicants who are EU, EEA, Swiss nationals, their family members and children under the age of 12 are exempt from the biometric capture and also from going to the department in person to submit their applications. Other exemptions may apply.


The E-Residence Document in addition to the printed identification features will also include an electronic component which will allow the user to access an array of electronic services provided by the Government and other parties.